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Rules for request:

  • - To make the movie request process go smoothly, each time you request, please create a ticket, we will update the latest for you to follow the update process here: New Releases
    - Please search before requesting movies.
    - Request subtitles this more about the movie.
    - Do not submit multiple requests for the same movie.

    (!) No required VR / Rape / Scat movies.
    (!) We allow a member to required 3 movies in day.
    (!) Movies are reject post because we can't find them in the database or they're too old.
    (!) We will post with subtitles if available so you don't need to ask for subtitles.

  • Url infomation example:
  • -R18.Com
  • -Javlibrary.Com

  • Other questions Contact us.